Hayley & Grayson

So, this story doesn't make any sense. But it's very Allie, so buckle up.

I was eating brunch with some buddies when I saw Hayley and Grayson eating at a different table. I said WOW they'd be so good in pictures, I should ask them to do a shoot with me, but I was being a nervous nerd and didn't want to bother them.

But THEN one of my friends (Steph if you're reading shout out to you) said, Allie, go do it, what's the worst that could happen, which could be like honestly a lot of embarrassment but I have no shame so alright, let's do it.

Hayley and Grayson are HEADED OUT THE DOOR to their car, like about to get into it, and I run after and stop them and tell them that they're a cute couple (praying they're a couple and not like siblings or something) and that I'd love to take pictures of them sometime.

LUCKY for me, they were so cool, and agreed! I'm so glad these guys were down because man are they fun and MAN are they cute. Check them out!

Allie Farmer