Sarah & David

Sarah and David have one of my favorite and most inspiring love stories, and I'm so thankful that I got to capture it and share it with all of you!

Sarah has two sons that she has supported as a single mother for most of their lives. She hustled as hard as possible after relocating their family to America, working two engineering jobs and learning English all at the same time. After establishing a wonderful life for themselves, Sarah's friends encouraged her to join eHarmony, which she (reluctantly) did but then shortly thereafter met David. David has acted as a father figure in their family and has been there to love the boys from the beginning. 

In Sarah's culture, divorce is frowned upon, so her family was hesitant about her remarrying. But after they met David, they were confident that she was making the right decision. 

The day was all about family; Sarah's new sister-in-law made her bouquet, she and her mother got ready together, and the couple, the boys and I snuck off to take some portraits before dinner of their brand new family. 

I think this story shows that second chances exist and that love can be found when (and where!) you least expect it. Congratulations Sarah and David, and thank you for having me there for your special day! 

With love,

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Allie Farmer